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  • Alfresco

    Alfresco is today the best solution for Enterprise Content Management in the Open Source landscape

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  • The Mobile Revolution: How Mobile Technologies Drive a Trillion-Dollar Impact

    Globally, mobile technology has emerged as a primary engine of economic growth, stimulating enormous private-sector spending in both R&D and infrastructure, and profoundly changing daily lives—everywhere. Dramatic performance improvements in mobile communications standards have propelled mobile to become the fastest adopted technology of all time. User costs have plummeted. The average mobile subscriber cost per […]

  • The bank of the future

    Digitization is challenging the very way banks operate. Yet it also represents a significant opportunity, as McKinsey’s Somesh Khanna explains. Digitization promises to automate and improve many banking processes. Yet it’s not without peril: customer demands and expectations are increasing, and technology is fuelling the emergence of significant new competitors. In this interview with McKinsey’s […]

  • EasyFinder – The Business Discovery

    Dal Reporting tradizionale alla Business Discovery .. I report tradizionali contengono informazioni organizzate in forma tabellare o grafica, disposte ad hoc, che riguardano un determinato periodo, solitamente concordato e guidato dall’ IT (IT Driven) La Business Discovery è la prossima generazione di business intelligence. Colma il divario tra le soluzioni di Business Intelligence tradizionali e […]